Styfology®. The human being in imbalance

The cause of many complaints in the joints, muscles, intervertebral discs and organs are incorrect posture.

For very few people, the body is in balance. Somewhere, something is crooked; around X percent complain of a low pelvis. Correction: They do not complain about the pelvic obliquity, but about its consequences such as

Back pain, stiff neck, finger tingling, digestive problems, joint pain, circulatory problems, deposits, nerve pain, etc.

The cause of the pelvic depression is muscle tension (only in 1 percent of cases it is legs of different length). This does not matter for the first time, because the body automatically reacts to any deviation. The muscles compensate for the pelvic depression that they cause by compensating for it elsewhere, for example by positioning the spine, shoulders, legs and feet so that the body is in balance again. The musculature must permanently maintain the forces for this compensation. This leads to evasive postures, which in turn result in forces and counterforces.

As a result, the statics shift, becoming asymmetrical. The skeleton and musculature are unequally loaded. The left and right legs carry different weights. Hip and knee joints are also loaded differently, twisted and shifted. And this happens with every step, with every movement.

Thesis 2:

The symptoms are varied, from diffuse everyday complaints to acute and chronic diseases.
Tension caused by misalignment leads in the long run to blockages of the spine, to joint wear, to circulatory and supply disorders. As a result, complaints occur in the most diverse regions of the body, the symptoms of which are difficult to associate with the actual cause:

pain, migraine

Tension, pain, restriction

Altered chewing positions (can influence tooth positions)

Tension, pain, restriction of movement

Tennis or golfer's arm

Hand, fingers
Restricted movement, tingling, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint problems

Pain, movement restrictions, curvature, disc regeneration

Pain, wear and tear, inflammation of hip, knee and foot joints

Tensions can block nerves and vessels, they disturb blood circulation and supply, also reproductive organs can be affected.

Nerve pain, nerve sensation disorders

Muscular problems, tendon and ligament overloads

In joints, vertebral bodies, in tissues

Thesis 3:

The restoration of the symmetrical, upright posture counteracts the complaints.

If we follow the first two theses, the reverse conclusion arises that the restoration of symmetrical body statics counteracts the complaints. Either for prevention, or as a basis for therapy. This presupposes that the incorrect postures can be objectively detected, measured, compared and documented.

This is why the idea for a special measuring system was born. It should measure the body statics under always the same conditions and provide reproducible data. Its development took several decades. The observations and experiences from physiological practice, from medical cases in practices and clinics, and from the cooperation with an orthopedic surgeon were incorporated.

Thesis 4:

Styfologie® measurements can be used to diagnose incorrect posture as the cause of discomfort.

The result of the developments hears on the poetic name

>Styfologie® body statics measuring system S400<

It is protected by trademark and patent and has been awarded with renowned innovation prizes,
Main prize in: Geneva of all inventions
Gold medal in medicine 2002

Main prize German Inventors Association
Silver medal in Nuremberg 2002.

Impex 2003 USA
>best innovation science<
>best Innovation Alternative Medicine<
>best innovation health & fitness<

The measurement system makes it possible for the first time to measure body statics exactly under muscle tension in a reproducible manner. With the measurements, deviations and incorrect postures can be identified in context. These provide information about tensions and the corresponding complaints.

Thesis 5:

Styfologie® measurements can be used to monitor therapies for their effectiveness.

Apart from the perceived well-being of the patient, there are only a few criteria to control a therapy. Pain-free, motion-free, resilient are subjective, scientifically exact is not.
The Styfologie® measurements are reproducible. The measurements of a patient can be repeated and compared during the therapy. Thus Styfologie® follows the principles of

>Evidence Based Medicine<

which requires proof of an efficient therapy on the basis of an exact diagnosis.
Conclusions can be drawn on the basis of the documented values.

    Are the malpositions completely, partially or not corrected?
    Does the therapy show the desired effect? Have the complaints disappeared permanently? or are they decreasing? was the malposition obviously the cause, the therapy initiated shows the desired effect;
    if the complaints persist, the therapy does not respond, or other causes for the complaints must be sought. In this case, the body statics can be ruled out as the cause.

Thesis 6:

With the help of Styfologie® considerable costs for expensive diagnoses and superfluous therapies could be saved.

Admittedly, now we are on thin ice. Because empirical studies about which complaints could have been solved with Styfologie® instead of classical methods do not exist. Thus also no cost comparisons for X-rays, EMR, mirrorings and operations, which would not have been necessary if Styfology® had been given a chance first. So far, none of the participants in the Swiss health care system, has seriously included this measurement and treatment methodology.
We can only describe our experiences and the tales of woe of our clients. Most of them already had a years-long odyssey through doctors' offices, clinics behind them. We don't want to judge that, only notice that often symptoms are treated. Because the causes are not recognized, because the connection is not visible.
Our treatment goal follows a simple fact: Every pain-free day is a given day in the life of every person. People in pain can very well feel this.

Thesis 7:

  1. The cause of many complaints of the joints, muscles, nerves, deposits and organs are malpositions.
  2. The symptoms are varied, from diffuse everyday complaints to acute and chronic diseases.
  3. Restoring symmetrical, upright posture counteracts the complaints.
  4. With Styfologie® measurements, incorrect posture can be identified as the cause of the complaints. (diagnose)
  5. With Styfologie measurements, therapies can be checked for their effectiveness.
  6. With the help of Styfologie® considerable costs for expensive diagnoses and unnecessary therapies could be saved.

Thesis 8:

Everything can be proven with examples. Even the opposite.
Nevertheless, every case is like a cry for help and raises questions.

Each case is individual and cannot be generalized. There is also no way to prove that a different diagnosis and therapy would not have led to a good end.

However, most of the patients had already undergone other diagnoses and therapies. And so we can only describe with what problems and experience the patients come to us. And how we have alleviated many of the complaints on the basis of Styfology® and made them disappear.

This does not always work. In a few cases, even we have to capitulate. For example, when bones, tendons or muscles are degenerated or largely destroyed.

Healing comes from within for everyone. If you have cut yourself, broken a leg, etc., the tension is removed or fixed via gluing, stitching, surgery. Now your healing substances of the body take effect.